Gorgonia is licenced under a variant of Apache 2.0. It’s for all intents and purposes the same as the Apache 2.0 Licence, with the exception of not being able to commercially profit directly from the package unless you’re a Significant Contributor (for example, providing commercial support for the package). It’s perfectly fine to profit directly from a derivative of Gorgonia (for example, if you use Gorgonia as a library in your product)

Everyone is still allowed to use Gorgonia for commercial purposes (example: using it in a software for your business).

These are the packages and libraries which inspired and were adapted from in the process of writing Gorgonia (the Go packages that were used were already declared above):

Source How it’s Used Licence
Numpy Inspired large portions. Directly adapted algorithms for a few methods (explicitly labelled in the docs) MIT/BSD-like. Numpy Licence
Theano Inspired large portions. (Unsure: number of directly adapted algorithms) MIT/BSD-like Theano’s licence
Caffe im2col and col2im directly taken from Caffe. Convolution algorithms inspired by the original Caffee methods Caffe Licence